Tips for Building Muscle

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Building muscle can be quite a daunting task because there are multiple factors involved. There is too much information out there and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the task at hand. These are some of the muscle building tips that should make you look great in no time.

Build Muscle

1. Food
This and exercise are one of the most important factors on building muscle. As human beings, we are taught that we need to eat a balanced diet with all proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in a nearly equal proportion per meal. But such a meal will do nothing for if you’re trying to build muscle and all you’ll end being is frustrated. This is what you need to do in terms of food

· Each diet needs to be more protein-focused. In order to build muscle you need one gram of protein for every pound of muscle. That means that if you’re 80 lbs, you must eat 80 grams of protein daily. But the body can only naturally absorb 160g of protein per day.
· You will also have increase the number of times you eat in a day. Eat smaller portions but spread them out through the course of the day. Ideally you should have your meals after every three hours.

· Eat meat protein during the day and plant protein during the night. You’re going to be eating every 3 hours so your diet needs to consist of foods that are digested quickly by the body.
Animal protein is easily digestible, by the time you’re on your next meal, the food would have already been absorbed by the body. It’s difficult to digest plant protein so it’s best to eat it at night before you sleep. Great sources of protein are eggs, liver, fish and chicken. In terms of plant protein, few plants contain more protein than Soya and beans.

2. Working out
You’re exercise regimen will have to change from time to time because how a professional body builder trains isn’t similar to how an amateur or semi-pro trains. These are some of the work out tips that can help build your muscle

· Understanding that there are exercises designed for power lifters and those that are meant for body builders. Weight lifters use as much weight as possible to perform the different exercises. The emphasis is a lot of weights and the usual result is that they end up becoming stronger and stronger but not necessarily have more muscle. The Bodybuilder does exercise that fully contract and expand the muscles. Weightlifters also “cheat” on the exercises by using as many muscles as possible to do the weight. The body builder will just use that one specific muscle to lift the weight.

· When you lift weights in the gym you destroy muscles fiber, the body then rebuilds the muscles only this time they become bigger. Don’t train every day because the body needs at least 48 hours to recuperate and rebuild the damaged muscles. Training everyday may result in loss of muscle mass because of too much training.

3. Supplements
Supplements such as protein shakes are great for instant energy and provide the body with the necessary protein count when you aren’t able to find the immediate ingredients for your meals. They should be taken before and after your workout sessions.